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Madman. A classic role-playing experience with a twist on typical conventions.

As the madman or woman, you must travel through a charming yet strange land in an attempt to restore your sense of lost honor.

A hugely interactive game world with all the fixings we like to see, and many new ones we haven't. Engrossing, dramatic. And just the right amount of campiness!

- Retro style turn-based combat.

- Craft many items.

- Explore a huge, detailed world.

- Dozens of unique and off the wall NPC's


mmdemosetup.zip 107 MB

Install instructions

Madman will run on any version of Windows from XP to Win 10. Simply run the downloaded installer and have fun! The demo includes about a third of the game, with all features enabled. A button on the splash screen will take you to the site where you can get the full game. Any progress made in the demo will be conserved.


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Did you check out the appeal at page 32 at


Maybe you should write to that e-mail-address.

hello  drdungeon, do you remember your game wraith? if you do , is there a way to purchase a full version?

I am sorry to inform you, but DrDungeon has passed away in early 2021. as far as purchasing his games, the steam-site for Madman is the only one I am aware of. but you can find his games on abandonware websites.

im so sorry to hear that.

Did you write to that e-mail-address? You should then learn more about Wraith.

Dr Dungeon is your website down? 

Full game now available on Steam: 


Watch the trailer here: